Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dogs of China - #251


A great shop in one of the best areas to wander around in Guangzhou. Boutique but not in a mass produced way. Restrained but not in a try hard way.  Something you'd expect in a city of 20 million but something that is surprisingly difficult to come across. Find it at number 9 Miaoqianxijie Yuexiu District - use this post-it map, it's helpful...

Monday, April 24, 2017

Dogs of China - #250

Family Mart dog

G to the Z Easter staycation - what we did and how we did it

We packed a lot into this extra long weekend. Two gals from CBR plus two gals living in China equals lots of fun. A good repair of the soul and general mojo as it turns out.

It started off as a trio with an afternoon eating dumplings and then looking at art and exploring modern day ruins.  Next day a trip to my favourite coffee place and time exploring in Dongshan. More art, more dumplings and then a Friday night out on the town.

Saturday bike rides and dinner at my favourite Japanese restaurant.  Sunday easter fun. Face masks and Monday roadtrips with a day in the countryside. Ninja marathons followed by a scrabble marathon - a week filled with laughter and fun.

Guangzhou Museum of Art: http://www.gdmoa.org
Lock Chuck Coffee: No 6 Xiniu Lu; 510030 Guangzhou, China
Bad Market:No 9 Miaoqianxijie Yuexiu District
Kui Yuan Gallery: 9 Xuguyuan lu, Yuexiu District
Vegetarian Restaurant Guangzhou Opera House (Dishuifang): 87836505
Hope and Sesame:No.48 Miaoqian West Street
Cycle Canton: http://www.cyclecanton.com
1200 Bookshop: Several outlets - we went to the one off Tianhe North Road (just past the Grand International Hotel)
Redtory: http://www.redtory.com.cn/english/redtory.php
Park Hyatt Rooftop Bar: 16 Huaxia Rd, Tianhe Qu

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dogs of China - #248

Hay Coffee

Hipster coffee shops continue to appear in Guangzhou city.  It's been a while since we sought a new one out... so much so that our gang of three has grown to a gang of 3 and a quarter. Luckily the new gang member is pretty good company.

Hay coffee is about a 10 minute stroll from the end of the APM line. Great big space, amazing coffee and like Lock Chuck, lots of local patrons.

43 Qiaoyi Yi Jie (across from Tianhe Qiaoyi Kindergarten), Tianhe District