Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dogs of China - #160

Cebu - boo - hoo

When your friends flight isn't yet to take off, after it was due to land...what do you do? You repurpose the cocktail you originally were going to have on their arrival.

In honour of Cebu pacific airlines, I present the Cebu-boo-hoo.

About a cup of lemon, a big glug of maple syrup and some water. Shake it up and refrigerate. Stack a bunch of ice in a glass, add some of the lemon maple stuff, and a pretty big shot of bourbon whiskey (the later the delay, the bigger the shot). Add some lemon and there you go. One Cebu-boo-hoo

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Beijing Part 2 - Wudao jie

Sometimes Mostly the beauty of things is in the everyday. Great fashion, wonderful alleyways, dogs on motorbikes, wooden wheel protectors, rusted bikes and walls, muted colours, and broken tiles. This is the China I love.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Beijing Part 1 - Panjiayuan Flea Market

It started off with a list of ridiculous things I wanted to do and ended up being the perfect introduction (of things I like) to Beijing. Think many dogs, flea markets, old laneways, bike rides and photos.

First stop: vintage heaven.The biggest antique market full of things and it should go on the record that I showed much restraint on this day. So. Much. Enamel.  And with my track record of awkward purchases whilst travelling (etched glassware, 1950's radio, set of ceramic bowls etc etc etc) I did pretty good just to pick up one medium sized vintage mirror* which is currently on loan in Beijing. 

Biggest regret? Not going back to pick up he enamel bowl with a beautiful red squirrel design. You can never have too much enamel.  Or squirrel.

Directions for next time: Panjiayuan Bridge, East 3rd Ring Road South, Chaoyang District

*read just over carry on suitcase size